The TouchProbe System

Assignment Verification

TouchProbe – iBR9000 Guard Tour Systems are used around the world every day by security personnel to automate their jobs and provide verification they are performing their guard tour patrol job correctly.


The guard tour patrol system uses rugged data collection hardware and powerful yet easy-to-use software. The guard walks his rounds and touches iButtons at each designated location to provide verification of their rounds.

Industrial Strength – Tamperproof

The iButtons are uniquely numbered computer chips which means they can not be duplicated. They are armored in stainless steel containers the size of your fingernail which means they are crafted for years of use.

The iBR9000 hardware provides proof-positive feedback of scans with a choice of an audible tone and visible light. iButtons have a read rate of 99.999% which is 1 miss read out of 100,000.

The iButtons can be assigned as Checkpoints, Incidents and Guard Buttons enabling the guard tour systems to produce detailed time-based verification reports.