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At Bright Star Security, Inc., we pride ourselves on not only doing what we’re hired to do, but going the extra mile to make sure our clients are ecstatic that we’re on the job.

Bright Star is the oldest and most reputable security company in Marin County. Founded almost 30 years ago, we’ve managed to keep our company just the right size to work our territory effectively. Instead of growing for the sake of growth, we have limited our size to keep our company manageable as well as make us extremely responsive and efficient. With Bright Star, you will notice the difference immediately.

The Best Security Officers in Marin

When Bright Star Security, Inc. was founded back in 1982, our goal was to be different than the other security companies of the day. First and foremost was making sure that the people we hired would be professionals, not low-paid inexperienced personnel. From day one, we made it our policy to hire only off-duty or retired police officers, reserve police officers, police academy graduates or experienced security personnel.

Over the years we’ve learned some of the best training and departmental techniques to create what we believe is the most efficient security team in the industry. We’re extremely proud that a number of former officers have gone on to be employed by public police agencies. In fact, some of them have even risen to the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain and even Chief of Police.

With us, it has always been about doing the job better than anybody else, and that still holds true to this day.

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