Bright Star Security, Inc is always at the forefront of our industry innovations as well as being on the front lines in Marin County. You can find local happenings and news associated with our company. We’ll also keep you abreast of crime stories or issues you should be aware of in our community. Check in frequently to see what’s going on in your neighborhood.

Novato Sees Rise in Auto Thefts

Throughout Novato, residents have been dealing with a rash of stolen or burglarized autos. Also troubling is the rise in burglaries.

Many of the thefts have been incidents of opportunity as a large number of doors were left unlocked and easily susceptible to entry. Please remember to lock your doors even if you will only be away for a short period of time.

Best of Novato

For the second year in a row, Bright Star Security, Inc. has been awarded the prestigious “Best Of Novato” award. Thanks to all of those people who voted and value superior service.

Metal Thefts

Local businesses are being targeted for any commodity metals they have on premises. According to the local police, a number of buildings have had their copper downspouts stolen recently. This can add up to more than a few pennies!

New Patrol Vehicle

Bright Star has just purchased another new patrol vehicle. Keep your eye out for our new Dodge Charger in your neighborhood.